The 2014 Customer Service Zeitgeist: Our Favorite Readings of 2014


2014 was a great year for customer support. As we end the year, we find ourselves looking back and thinking about the bigger themes that really took hold in the CS community: Where does customer service belong in a business? What are the best ways for customer support reps to connect with customers? What do customer service organizations really need to focus on improving? 

From hiring to on-the-job policies to communication style, customer service, these are some of the pieces that especially pushed us to think about new ways of approaching support. Of course, It’s impossible to say that this finite list is all there is to it, but a perfect list to curl up with as we ring in a new year.

From our blog

Does B2B Customer Service Have A Self-Esteem Problem? 

We asked the question everyone has been quietly wondering: why is B2B customer service so far behind B2C?

The Top 23 Customer Support Pros You Need To Follow

Customer support reps are a talkative bunch They’re also leading the way to a . These are the ones you should follow.

The Proper Way To Ask For Customer Feedback 

We explore the best ways to persuade customers to respond to your surveys and questionnaires.

Why Does “I” Belong In Every Support Team’s Vocabulary?

Sometimes the first-person singular is the best way to talk to your customers.

Around the web

The Startup Guide To Hiring A Remote Customer Support Rep / Baremetrics

Wondering where to start looking for remote customer support talent? Includes the best places to advertise the job listing and what to look for in candidates. This is one of the best resources we’ve seen – definitely one to bookmark.

Great Service Starts When The Customer Walks In / Greg Meyer, Information Maven

A customer believes the Moleskine notebook he’s about to buy is 50% off, but it rings up at full price. What do you do?

Connect With A Human / C. Todd Lombardo

What do Buffer and Taylor Swift have in common? The harness the power of micro-interactions to build customer loyalty.

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How To Build A Winning Customer Service Organization / Tom Krackeler, Frontleaf

Revealing interviews with customer success bosses at companies that have successfully scaled.

Why I Stopped Using “Actually” And “But” In My Customer Service Emails / Carolyn Kopprasch, Buffer

What happens when you replace everyday words with better words?

The Secret To Customer Onboarding / Lincoln Murphy, Sixteen Ventures

Everything you wanted to know about making a proper introduction between your product and your customers.

Out Of Service / Salesforce

Why do customer support reps quit? This letter of resignation makes it very clear what talented customer support reps want out of their jobs.

Yes, I Work In Customer Support / Jeremy Duvall, Automattic

And no, he’s not looking for a new job (thanks for offering?). Turns out customer support is a pretty sweet gig at the right companies.

Exclamation And Emoticons, Oh My! / Bianca Landis

Customers remember how you make them feel, and that’s why emoticons can be a benefit to support conversations. 🙂

3 Months In WordPress Customer Service / Bryce Adams, WooThemes

This is what happens when you put a developer in charge of talking to customers.

What pieces on customer service made an impression on you this year? Let us know in the comments! 

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