What are macros?

Whenever you find your support team repeating the same action or sending the same reply to one case after another, that’s a usually a good sign that you could use a macro.

Macros (also known as canned or prefab responses) can save your team a ton of time by automating common case replies or notes or even making common updates to case fields — all of which saves you valuable clicks.

Macros can also help keep your tone consistent across replies from multiple members of your support team. They solve common customer problems in a timely manner while driving up your customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and lowering resolution times.

Marcos are not quite placeholders, as macros are much more powerful than placeholders.

What is a placeholder?

When your agents use email templates to save time responding to customers, they might include placeholders. These blocks of text are filled in later dynamically, swapping in personal details according to the customer you’re talking with.

Placeholders make it possible to personalize automated messages.

Be wary, though. They can also become a crutch for ill-trained or overstretched agents and can turn on you in the snap of a finger.

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