The Ultimate Guide to Communicating Product Feedback

Learn how you can create a process for communicating feedback that will align your Product and Support teams and boost revenue in our in-depth guide.

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Product managers juggle a lot of demands. They need to meet customers’ needs by developing new features and improving existing features—all with limited development resources available.

Support managers have dramatically different metrics to focus on. They think about each ‘ticket’ or customer individually, reacting to incoming feedback with empathy and concern for the customer’s experience.

How can these teams overcome the differences in priorities? Our informative guide will help you create an effective process for communicating feedback. This will empower your Product and Support teams to do their jobs more effectively and increase customer retention.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Align your product and support teams
  • Calculate the return on investment of any given feature
  • Create use-case statements
  • Incorporate must-have features into your product

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