Webinar: Conquering the Top 5 Customer Support Mistakes, with Sarah Hatter and Sarah Chambers


In this webinar, founder of CoSupport, and host of UserConf, the only customer support conference, Sarah Hatter joins Sarah Chambers, Head of Support here at Kayako to discuss the common mistakes support representatives make when it comes to topics like language and self-service.

Both Sarahs are experts in customer support and are passionate about keeping customers loyal through amazing customer service. They discuss the top five mistakes customer support professionals make and share some actionable tips to tackle them.

Conquer your support mistakes

Companies, big and small should always be looking for ways they can improve and adapt their support offerings and this webinar shows you ways in which you can do this.

In the webinar, featuring an audience Q&A, Sarah and Sarah discuss:

  • Language mistakes support professionals make
  • How to improve customer self-service
  • How to increase productivity to decrease customer touch time

Communication is key

Customer support is all about communication, and it’s really important that we get it right. The trouble is, it’s also very easy to get it wrong!

We wrote about this in our blog post on the art of talking happy – communication is not just about language, but about tone of voice too. Talking happy means conveying a positive tone and energy to make customers feel good when they talk to you.

It’s also important to think carefully about the words you use when speaking to customers. In Sarah Hatter’s book, The Customer Support Handbook, she discusses alternative options for using language such as:

“Instead of “I apologize,” say, “I’m really sorry,”

Sarah and Sarah show how using language in the right way helps avoid common problems support professionals encounter, and how this can help to reduce the amount of time and effort customers need to invest in resolving issues.

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Not all customers want to contact someone from your support team, many would much rather if they could use self-service and sort out their problems themselves. Sarah and Sarah discuss techniques you can use to improve and increase the quality of the self-service for your customers, too.

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Webinar: Conquering the top 5 customer support mistakes

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