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Why Internal Support Teams use Kayako for Internal Help Desks

  • See all colleague conversations and business interactions in one place. No matter which department they come from
  • Work with internal and external collaborators to solve complex problems
  • Integrate with existing tools to view the entire context of a colleague’s activity before responding to provide personalized care
  • Enable teams to work efficiently with automated workflows, and canned responses to common questions

“I like the Kayako software because it provides a simple integration for several support platforms in a software solution. Whether I use web, email, phone, or live chat, it allows me to easily obtain and manage customer messages and provide them with the appropriate response accordingly.”

– Joseph L. (G2)

“I really appreciate how easy it was to set up the backbone of our knowledge base. There was no coding required, article adding and editing was a breeze, and it took little to no effort to make it look good.”

– James G. (G2)

“I like that Kayako offers plenty of features that save us time. Our SLA warnings ensure our agents don’t forget to update tickets when they get busy. The app offers hundreds of out of the box reports which give metrics for almost everything.“

– Albert L. (G2)

Top 4 reasons Internal Support Teams choose Kayako for Internal Help Desks

Kayako provides support teams with an internal help desk that empowers employees to collaborate, work efficiently, and provide personalized and colleague care.

View all colleague conversations in one place

Context you need for personalized replies

Interactions are readily available so employees can respond quickly and personally to inquiries. No need to ask questions about what’s been happening for your colleague—everything your team needs is right at their fingertips. 

  • Get a visual timeline of every interaction a colleague has with your business 
  • See site visits, self-service article views, marketing email received, and more
  • Capture events from your own product or service
collaborations with Kayako Shared Inbox feature

Kayako Collaborators

Break down silos and bring your team’s collective knowledge together


With Kayako Collaborators, invite external and internal stakeholders to help resolve complex service problems. 

  • Collaborators share insights by sharing private notes, assisting employees with conversations, and drafting help center articles—while the primary agent stays as the point of contact 
  • Input from Collaborators is saved for future reference, making it easy to tackle similar problems


Get all the context your team needs

View all user activity before responding to inquiries

Kayako captures all interactions and activities for immediate context by connecting apps you use with Zapier. 


Automated internal help desks

Say hello to frictionless help desks

Make employees' lives easier with an internal help desk that works for them.

  • Automate conversations based on predefined workflow rules 
  • SLA response times recorded directly on support tickets, so your team never misses a deadline 
  • Save time with canned responses to common questions

Set your team up for success with an easy-to-use internal help desk solution

  • Provide colleague context employees need for personalized and quick replies 
  • Break down silos and bring your team’s collective knowledge together 
  • View all user activity before responding to inquiries 
  • Eliminate help desk friction points