Freshdesk Alternative:
Freshdesk vs. Kayako Comparison

Zendesk is a help desk that helps you host a knowledge base and answer tickets. If that’s all you want to do, great. But if you’re aiming to deliver modern, personal customer service, you’ll probably need to look elsewhere.

Kayako is an all-in-one customer service solution that’s used by thousands of businesses who, like you, want to provide a friction-free support experience to their customers. Easy-to-use and

thoughtfully designed, Kayako streamlines omnichannel customer service—building truly effortless service experiences for both customers and agents alike. Our intelligent features help you resolve tickets faster to increase agent efficiency and customer loyalty.

Below, you’ll find the top reasons why businesses choose Kayako as an alternative to Zendesk. Or, check it out for yourself with a free trial.




Customers Have Better Experiences Because They’re Treated Like Individuals

Kayako SingleView™ gives your agents a complete visual timeline that includes every interaction your customer has had with your business. It’s all the context your team needs and nothing they don’t need, allowing for a truly effortless experience—not just for your customers but for your agents as well.

No need to ask additional questions. The information your team needs to respond quickly and personally is right at their fingertips.



Customers Get Quick, Accurate And Helpful Answers Because Agents Can Easily Collaborate With Subject Matter Experts

With Kayako, the whole team is on the same page. Easy collaboration in conversations eliminates the need for confusing group email chains. Agents can quickly engage with specialists from across the company—or with vendors and suppliers from outside the company—to craft the perfect response to any issues.

Input from collaborators is not seen by the customer. Instead, the agent gets clarity from the subject matter expert, selects the appropriate answer and relays it seamlessly to the customer.


“Kayako positively and profoundly impacted how we interact with our customers daily and has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with them while also providing clear, concise customer service.”

“From Day 1, we realized that Kayako shares the same passion for ‘Customer Wow’ as we do. Their tools and experience help us make this philosophy into a reality – effective, prompt, and succinct support.”

“With Kayako, it’s easy to quantify exactly how productive and efficient we really are. Our process is now quick and transparent and our customers, partners and staff are very happy with it.”

“Kayako allows us to more effectively manage, monitor and deliver customer support. The Kayako solution was easy to implement and support as well as enhancements on the product have been outstanding!”

“We’ve been extremely satisfied with Kayako. So satisfied that we’ve never even thought about what alternatives might be available.”




Customers Have A Smoother Experience Because Multichannel Conversations Are Connected

Kayako keeps the conversation going across multiple channels, even when your customer switches from Twitter to email… and back again. Kayako streamlines conversations, agents notes and customer context in one easy-to-use shared inbox.

Team members can see when another agent is viewing or replying to a conversation to reduce duplicate effort. They can also merge tickets that come from various channels to provide a seamless experience.



Agents Save A Lot Of Time Because They Don’t Need To Switch Between Different Apps

It’s easy to consolidate your business and extend the power of kayako across all the apps your team already uses. Kayako opens up integrations to hundreds of popular apps and platforms. With all customer information and activities in one place, you’ll understand your customer better and provide support that’s personal.

Plus, you can automate the apps and systems you already use to support and serve your customers, right from Kayako. Your team will spend less time switching apps to find information and more time actually helping customers.




We’re Here To Help — Whenever And However You Need Us

Everything we do is to help you get better at customer service. Whether you’re just starting out and have questions about best practices or you’re dealing with millions of customers, we’re with you every step of the way.


Stay Personal As You Grow

Manage hundreds or thousands of conversations while treating every customer as an individual, not a number.


Support Customers As A Team

Collaborate in a shared multi-channel inbox to provide faster responses and better answers, together.


Truly Understand Your Customer

Bring all your customer information and activity into one place with SingleView™, and understand your customer better than anyone else can.

A Truly Effortless Experience For Agents And Customers

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