Ready To Love Your Inbox Again?

Manage all your customer conversations with a shared team inbox.


Take Control Of Your Inbox

Custom Views

Keep all of your customer conversations organized and accessible with customizable view options.


Easily categorize email conversations for quick handling, reference and analytics.

Assigning Conversations

Automatically route conversations to the agent best equipped to handle the ticket, and assign conversations so nothing slips through the cracks.

Tired Of Confusing Forwarded Email Threads, Lost Messages And Complicated Email Chains?

Your inbox shouldn’t be a black hole of frustration.

Frustration-Free Collaboration


Pool insights with shared notes and instantly engage with internal experts across your organization as well as with outside vendors and suppliers—all without leaving the SingleView™ Dashboard.

Customer Journey Dashboard

Kayako’s SingleView™ provides a full visualization of the entire customer journey including purchase history, activities, and interactions with other agents so that you don’t have to ask additional or repetitive questions.


“We have become more efficient. We can handle more calls and tickets than ever before with the same number of people. I would say that we are able to handle double the number of requests per person after Kayako than before. Kayako has been great with that.”

Faith Asper
Associate Project Director, University of Minnesota ResDac

Do More With Less Effort


Macros And Canned Responses

Eliminate repetitive tasks and expedite response times with 1-click standardized responses.

Help Center

Reduce agents’ stress and lighten workloads by deflecting new support requests to an easy-to-search help center repository of self-help articles, videos and FAQs.

Automated Workflows

Easily set up workflows and automate activities to save time, avoid duplication of effort and streamline support activities.

Bring It All Together For A Supercharged Shared Inbox


Bring all customer activities and interactions from across email, Facebook, Twitter and live chat into one centralized, easy-to-use view.


Instead of emailing back and forth, effortlessly share customer-specific information and next steps, and collaborate with private notes from other agents all within Kayako’s interface.

Collision Prevention

See when another agent is viewing or replying to a conversation to reduce duplicate effort. Merge tickets that come from various channels to provide a seamless experience.


Give your agents the context they need to make efficient, proactive decisions by connecting to your favorite apps.


Respond To Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Great support doesn’t stop when you leave your desk. Now everything you need to collaborate on customer conversations fits perfectly in your pocket.

Top Reasons to Ditch Your Email Client for a Kayako Shared Inbox

Unified Inbox

Never switch between multiple accounts again.

No More Headaches

Streamline conversations, notes and customer context in one place and eliminate miscommunication.

Measure Performance

Get insight into how your agents are performing as individuals and as one team.

Increase Productivity

Introduce ownership and automate routing of inbound queries to improve workflows.



Duplicate work
Wasted time
Details slip through the cracks




“Kayako positively and profoundly impacted how we interact with our customers daily and has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with them while also providing clear, concise customer service.”

“From Day 1, we realized that Kayako shares the same passion for ‘Customer Wow’ as we do. Their tools and experience help us make this philosophy into a reality – effective, prompt, and succinct support.”

“With Kayako, it’s easy to quantify exactly how productive and efficient we really are. Our process is now quick and transparent and our customers, partners and staff are very happy with it.”

“Kayako allows us to more effectively manage, monitor and deliver customer support. The Kayako solution was easy to implement and support as well as enhancements on the product have been outstanding!”

“We’ve been extremely satisfied with Kayako. So satisfied that we’ve never even thought about what alternatives might be available.”

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