Kayako AI can now answer up to 80% of support questions

Introducing our latest release of Kayako AI – your ultimate AI Co-worker.

By leveraging the latest and refined AI technology, we are able to enhance the efficiency of your support services by resolving up to 80% of your support questions without the need of human intervention.


Over 131,000 Agents Provide Support Using Kayako


Customer Service Made Personal And Simple

Kayako’s helpdesk software comes with powerful out-of-the-box functionality that makes it easy for customer service teams to begin managing requests and conversations that come through any channel. Support customers better, and stay personal as you grow.


Helpful HelpDesk Software,
The Way It Should Be

With Legacy Help Desks

Missed messages, unhappy teams and frustrated customers.


With Kayako HelpDesk

Everything in one place, a happy team and loyal customers.

Live Chat Software Included

Kayako’s award-winning helpdesk solution includes our live chat software as one of the many tools to help you with your customer support success.

Kayako’s live chat tool enables you to provide a tailored, engaging live chat experience 24/7.

You can help customers in real time across every channel—all from within Kayako’s dashboard.

It’s quick and easy to customize our live chat software and integrate it into your website, iOS and Android apps.


Context-Driven Customer Service

Unlike other help desk software, Kayako gives you a complete picture of your customer’s journey so you know where they’re coming from. Your team will know of each interaction a customer has had with your business and the issues they are facing even before they reach out for support. With Kayako SingleView™, all the information your team needs to provide a personal and connected customer experience is right at their fingertips.


Quick Customer Service Experiences With Depth And Personality

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Shared Inbox For Customer Conversations

Boost productivity with a shared inbox

Kayako’s helpdesk software makes managing customer conversations easy with the shared inbox tool. With custom views, tags, and conversation assignments, your customer service team is able to stay on top of open issues and automatically assign conversations to the best people.

Customer Self-Help Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves 24/7

Kayako provides a complete help desk experience with a fully customizable knowledge base that’s available 24/7, even if your team isn’t. Customers will be able to find what they’re looking for and instantly receive suggestions as they type.


HelpDesk Software Built For Modern Businesses

See Real-Time Customer Activity

Give your team superpowers. Bring customer activity from all your apps into Kayako for true context and faster, more helpful support.

Work Better As A Team

Automatically route conversations to the agent best equipped to handle the ticket and assign conversations so nothing slips through the cracks.

Better Customer Service,
Whatever Your Needs

Customer Support

Deliver effortless customer support across multiple channels.

Internal Helpdesk

Stay organized and speed up internal support with a unified solution.

Shared Inbox

Supercharge email and collaborate in a simple team inbox.


Grow sales and drive loyalty with eCommerce support software.

“Kayako positively and profoundly impacted how we interact with our customers daily and has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with them while also providing clear, concise customer service.”

“From Day 1, we realized that Kayako shares the same passion for ‘Customer Wow’ as we do. Their tools and experience help us make this philosophy into a reality – effective, prompt, and succinct support.”

“With Kayako, it’s easy to quantify exactly how productive and efficient we really are. Our process is now quick and transparent and our customers, partners and staff are very happy with it.”

“Kayako allows us to more effectively manage, monitor and deliver customer support. The Kayako solution was easy to implement and support as well as enhancements on the product have been outstanding!”

“We’ve been extremely satisfied with Kayako. So satisfied that we’ve never even thought about what alternatives might be available.”

Deliver Excellent Customer Support Experiences With Ease