Watch the Webinar: How to Use Your Product Roadmap as a Communication Tool

Product and support teams are interlinked when it comes to customers. Support is the conduit for communication between customers and the product team, passing back and forth customer feedback and product updates and information.

But imagine how much easier it would be if your product team could just talk directly to customers?

Transparency is key to communication

This is exactly what could happen if you share your product roadmap with your customers, and let them in on what’s planned and what to expect from the next few releases.

In fact, companies that share their roadmaps have the benefit of being able to set practical expectations with their customers, communicate priorities and the future of their products clearly and retain their strongest customers.

This kind of transparency can completely shift the way you communicate with your customers for the better:

  • Your customers will know your product vision and your priorities as a company
  • Your support team will be able to confidently take customer feedback and answer questions about feature requests

Watch the webinar

Janna Bastow, co-founder of ProdPad, joined Kayako’s Dan Wong for a webinar about the benefits of going public with your product roadmap.

In this webinar, Janna spoke about how companies have successfully gone public with their product roadmaps – and shared exactly what steps you need to take to launch yours.

You can watch the webinar on demand any time.

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