Kayako’s annual end-of-year team festival


On Saturday, the 19th December 2009, we celebrated the first Annual Fest at Kayako. This is the first of what is going to be an annual event, where the whole team (and their families) are invited to a party, everyone an opportunity to celebrate the year, to reflect on what we have achieved and to look forward to the next.

We also use the party as an event to bring together some known faces in information technology – inviting speakers and related dignitaries to give an insight into what Kayako, the government, industry as a whole and the education system is doing for IT in our region.

The event was held at one of the most prestigious venues in the city which serves up some of the best cuisine in town. The event started in the early evening with a dose of live rock music performed by a talented local band called Crank Shaft. It was one of the most pumping performances I have seen in years – everyone was charged and the night was electric!


The room filled and everyone seated to see the awards ceremony

The panel of guest speakers took the stage at around 8:30:

  • Mr. Ajay Srivastav: Joint Director – Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), Punjab chapter.
  • Mr. R.K Verma: Managing Director – Punjab Infotech, a government undertaking.
  • Mr. Ashok Mittal: Director – Lovely Professional University, the largest university in North India, graduating some of the world’s best engineers each year to meet the demand of ever expanding technology needs.

Left to right: Guest speakers Mr. Verma, Mr. Mittal and Mr. Srivastav

The speakers provided an analysis and their thoughts on the progress IT has made in the region. It was a fascinating forty-five minutes of discussion which provided everyone with a detailed insight into the future of IT in India. An open round of question and answers with the audience followed the discussion, which lead the way to some lively debate!

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The next event of the night was intended to recognize and appreciate the hard work of all the Kayako team who took that extra mile to fulfil the needs of our customers and make Kayako what it is today. Varun Shoor (the CEO), along with the guest speakers awarded trophies to the team. It was a moment of great pride for the recipients (and their families in attendance!) who cheered the prize getters all the way.

The ceremony was followed by another dose of music and a group games session.

Finally, it was time to honour the panel of guests for their time and efforts contributed to the evening. Varun offered some mementos as a token of our gratitude.


Varun, CEO, presenting a gift to Mr. Mittal from the Lovely Professional University

The band maintained their charm as everybody headed to treat their taste buds to the fantastic food laid for the evening.

So, overall, it was a super success and everyone had a fantastic time. The hard work put in by the team completely paid off. The evening was rounded off with a promise to come back next year with an even BIGGER bang!

Thank you for reading, and we hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the event. We are sure you are enjoying your own holiday parties and festivities around this time of year too.

Happy holidays!

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