4 Must-Read Stats on the State of Customer Support in 2016 [New Research]


Did you know that team size and tenure don’t make a difference in how much a customer support manager will be paid for their work? And, did you know that it takes an extra $10k per year for customer support professionals to go from satisfied to very satisfied?

We immersed ourselves into the support community to find out some of the biggest burning pains and challenges of support workers in the industry. But it’s not all negative, we also uncovered the duties and tasks that motivate these support professionals to thrive in their role.

The Customer Support State of the Profession Report 2016 surveyed 116 individuals, with respondents ranging from support agents to VPs of support and CEOs. The customer support profession is extremely varied in terms of salary, team sizes and responsibilities, which indicates that the support industry is evolving and changing regularly.

Below is a sneak peak of the key findings of the survey, but be sure to download the free 30-page report for the full insights and an exploration into areas such as why:

  • Customer Support Managers have such varied salaries, ranging from $30,000 to $105,000.
  • Customer Support Managers appear to suffer burnout more readily than other roles.
  • Customer support professionals are less satisfied now than when they first started their jobs.
  • Reducing customer effort and multichannel support represent the biggest challenges facing support professionals today, and what this means for the future of the industry

I’ll be running a webinar about this along with Sarah Chambers (Kayako’s Director of Support) where we’ll be discussing what 2016 holds for the support profession. Make sure you join us!

Customer Support State of the Profession 2016 Report

Four new facts about the support industry in 2016

The top challenges facing customer support in 2016

4 Must-Read Stats on the State of Customer Support in 2016 [New Research]

Customer Support State of the Profession 2016 Report

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