It’s Time to Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage


One of the biggest misconceptions is that customers value brief moments of extraordinary delight over quick and easy help. But there is a harsh reality facing customer-centric businesses: any interaction with your support team is 4x more likely to drive customer disloyalty versus actually improving their experience.*

In fact, 67% of customers today prefer, and expect, self-service tools over talking to your team.* They expect quick answers and zero obligation to talk with a human unless absolutely necessary. Case in point, customer service tools must support this growing trend; there’s no longer an alternative.

We want to share the tremendous opportunity that’s created when you adopt the right tools for modern customer service.

Breaking Down True Brand Loyalty

So, if not with your team, then where does true brand loyalty come from? We’ve spent over a year studying this very question—talking, reading, and listening to all sorts of people and perspectives.

As a result, all our research seemed to point to one interesting truth: customer loyalty is a result of minimized effort and friction-free service. It’s the pursuit of helping customers get the right help, at the right time, on the right channel. And this service must be relevant. It must be personal.

We know that 89% of customers say personalized support is extremely important to them—to be treated as an individual, and not just a ticket number. This means delivering tailored, seamless experiences. It means being proactive, and resolving customer issues/roadblocks before they happen.

And when customers do contact your team, the more you know about who they are, what they’re doing, the insight into their history, and what they’re trying to achieve, the better support you can provide.


The Effortless Customer Service Opportunity

These expectations might sound like a tall order for any customer service team that feels strapped for cash, for resources, for investment from a business value perspective. But here lies a tremendous opportunity to transform. With the right support tools in place, you can deliver the ideal customer experience—with ease—and enjoy doing it.

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Most teams already have what it takes to deliver effortless, personalized service. If you’ve got the will and the desire to improve—to offer more and more of what is right for your customers—then the effortless customer experience is yours for the taking. You already sit on a gold mine of talent and opportunity, and we are passionate about helping you to untap it.

But all too often, teams simply cannot see this opportunity. They are held back by the ‘big picture’ being locked away in different systems and apps. This leaves your team with a limited view of the customer—a fleeting issue at one moment in time. We challenge you to ask yourself: who could your team become? How much better could you be?

Customer service is your opportunity to differentiate from your competitors, and turn your customers into loyal evangelists.

Customer service is where promises are proven and values demonstrated. As customers continue to prioritize identifying with, and feeling included in, something unique and different, customer service becomes your best opportunity to show your true colors.

It is your greatest opportunity to reinforce: “this is what we stand for.”

But this is more than just solving business problems. With Kayako, you can turn customer service into a growth center and actually win new customers. You can  improve customer loyalty and retain your current customer base. We are here to help you work better, work faster, get more done, and ultimately, to become heroes to your customers—old and new. 

Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage

At the end of the day, all customer support teams must rethink what it means to go the extra mile. Is it worth taking the extra effort (and time, and money) if it’s not really what your customer wants in the first place?

Simply, we need to work smarter in our approach to customer service; at this point, the customer expects nothing less.

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We want to hear from you! What are your biggest barriers to transforming customer service into your competitive advantage? What’s holding your team back? Let us know in the comments below.


Jamie Edwards
Co-founder, Kayako


* Dixon, M., Toman, N., & DeLisi, R. (n.d.). The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty.

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