(April Fools) An important and major step forward for Kayako – join us


Today has been a long time coming.

We know that all of our customers and the customer support industry have been eagerly anticipating what we have in store.

But no one has been more excited about today than us.

Kayako was incorporated in 2001. Originally a bedroom start-up of Varun Shoor’s, Kayako now is a family of 50 and serves more than 30,000 customers around the world. We have developed three generations of support desk software, and now we are leaning into the future.

Customer support is a means to an end: a means to happy customers. This is our philosophy and our mission statement. It is our job to provide you with the tools and the platform to facilitate excellent, top-notch customer support. Kayako’s next move – our next generation – takes this a level further.

Customer support software has also been a means to a particular end for us. When Varun started Kayako in 2001, he had a definite ten year plan.  Kayako’s decade is approaching, and we’re now able to set out exactly where we are going and where we have always intended to go.

Everything, from the team we have been building to the name of our company, has been in preparation for this year.

Today, Kayako is leaving “customer support software” as we know it.

Today, we are announcing a brand new product line.

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Today we are introducing the Flair Polo – the first in a line of professional, sports-person grade kayaks.


Good customer support makes happy customers. But what makes extremely, giddy, hold-me-down-I-might-explode happy? Kayaking does.

Moving into the kayak industry is a natural progression for Kayako, a developer and vendor of the most popular, world class customer support software. You could say that we are satisfying fate.

Now, we are fully aware of the competition that faces us in this already established industry. However, we wouldn’t be Kayako if we didn’t innovate and beat our competitors on expertise, quality, features and value for money.

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We’ve decided to do something revolutionary.

Rather than shell out a few thousand dollars on a new kayak, we have decided to offer our customers a range of purchasing options. Kayako’s kayaks will be available as both owned (one-time fee) and leased (pay monthly or yearly) options.

Our leased kayaks are inflatable (model shown above), meaning you can pack up and return the kayaks to us once your lease has expired.

“This is what I have been working towards, ” said CEO Varun Shoor standing on the test jetty. “Customer support software was merely a stepping stone to my ultimate dream for Kayako – a kayaking enterprise that amalgamates customer support with the wonderful and thrilling sport of kayaking. We now have the funds and customer base that will enable us to propel ourselves into the industry waters.”

We invite you to register for a trial version of our Flair Polo kayak. We offer two trial options – hosted (we’ll host your trial kayaking session on our own waters) or self-hosted (we’ll send you a kayak to try out in your own environment).

Our beta program was very successful and went swimmingly (well, in the literal sense for some…).

Bring your customers on a new Kayako journey, and receive customer satisfaction rates like you have never seen before.

The future is wet. The future is Kayako.

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