Life’s Too Short for Bad Customer Service. Meet the New Kayako.


When we built the first Kayako, we wanted to create a customer service tool that had the customer at its heart.  Something that would help us speak the customer’s language, tick their boxes, and voila — ticket closed. Happy customers, happy support team, right?

But times have changed. Customers expect 24/7 availability and an uninterrupted conversation, even as they switch between their favorite channels—from Twitter to email, from email back to your Help Center—without thinking twice or worrying about what might fall through the cracks.

The reality is that businesses are now struggling to keep up with their customers. Multi-channel support is the new standard, yet teams are still supporting all these channels independently.

In turn, we get a siloing effect that prevents teams from connecting the dots on what’s happening with their customers. They’re missing a critical opportunity to build stronger context and understanding, and to make each interaction count for more: friction-free customer service, human conversations, and deeper relationships.

The traditional helpdesk just isn’t helpful anymore.

It’s 2016 and yet, in many ways, customer service is still living in the 1990s. When customers expect more, teams and businesses must raise the bar accordingly.

It’s time to stop treating customers like support tickets, and start treating them like people.

Back to the drawing board we go

We’ve built a customer service platform—not another helpdesk. We’ve aligned everything we do around one key mission: improve customer service by helping businesses and teams focus on their customer again.

So, how do we actually improve? We’ve narrowed it down to three core principles: building better relationships with customers, working better together as teams, and ultimately, going beyond delight to deliver effortless customer service experiences.

Introducing the new Kayako

Unlike traditional helpdesks, Kayako unifies your channels, customer information, and teams around creating context and supporting customers where they are.

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Get the whole story about your customers: Kayako connects everything you know about your customer, and puts it at your fingertips. Your team can give more relevant and helpful answers by leveraging customer context relating to their CRM, product usage behavior, and conversation history—all without ever switching apps. It’s so simple, and it’s the way customer service should be.

Better yet – pushing events from your favorite apps into a user or organization timeline ensures you’re capturing all your customer’s activities in one place. It gives your team  the entire customer context—their search keywords in Help Center, why a certain payment failed, what the customer is really trying to accomplish. This positions them to ask the right questions, to avoid repetition, and to have more valuable, personal conversations without any extra work or training.

Unify conversations: Customer conversations are integral to the new Kayako experience. Keep track of every customer and organization interaction within one clean, intuitive timeline view. All customer replies are tied together in the same screen, regardless of the different channels used.


Collaborate in new ways: Imagine if your entire company could get closer to your customer. With Kayako, anyone in your business can get involved as a collaborator for free. Collaborators can see all the interactions and leave internal notes, but lack authorization to actually reply to customers themselves.

Our goal is to break down barriers between your teams, and get the whole company on board for crafting the best answers for your customers, and faster.

Why are we doing this?

Because at the end of the day, we’re all customers too. Life is just too short for crappy customer service.

More so than ever before, we are committed to making customer service about people again.

So what’s next?

Check out and create your free trial to begin kicking the tires. You can get to grips in under 10 minutes—it’s insanely simple to get started. Invite your team to join you, set up your channels, and personalize your Help Center to match your brand.

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Learn more about the new Kayako on our website and, while you’re there, register and join us for a thirty-minute demo and Q&A session.

And of course, we are endlessly grateful for our loyal customers and we hope you’ll join us in pushing the world of customer service forward. If you’re an existing customer, log into for all the information you need on your upgrade options and sign up for your exclusive customer webinar on Wednesday July 6th at 4 pm BST.

Thanks and cheers!

Varun Shoor
Founder, Kayako

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