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At Kayako, we want to help you create effortless customer support experiences. Before we launched, it was obvious that traditional help desk solutions weren’t doing enough to help businesses improve their customer support.

The world was changing. Markets got more crowded, consumers got more discerning, and seamless customer experience became a competitive advantage. A report from Walker predicts that customer experience will overtake price and product as a brand differentiator by 2020.

Most platforms had been built for a customer service world that was disappearing—not the modern one—and no one seemed to be in any hurry to change that.

So we did.

We built Kayako for today’s customer support teams, not yesterday’s. Customers aren’t just support tickets anymore, they’re people. And it’s high time your customer support software helped you treat them that way.

Kayako was built with small businesses and startup life in mind

Today’s market is filled with businesses of all shapes and sizes. It shouldn’t take millions of dollars or a support team in the hundreds to provide effortless experiences for your customers. That’s the founding principle behind why and how we built Kayako. We want to enable small and agile support teams to provide next level customer service and support.

Hassle-free, user-friendly integrations

The best customer support software doesn’t add stress or iteration to your work. Using it should be effortless, and it should work seamlessly with all of the other tools you use. That’s why we enabled Kayako to integrate with hundreds of apps and services.

By connecting all of your tools, you can:

  • Automate intelligent, multi-step workflows
  • Effortlessly pull in customer data
  • Serve up a holistic and accurate picture of your customers, their needs, and their journey

If your eyes gloss over when you hear “integration,” we get it. Too many platforms build integrations that only seasoned developers can deploy—they throw a serious wrench into the work integrated platforms can do for your team.

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That’s why we built an integration with Zapier that makes it 100% painless to connect hundreds of other apps and platforms, without a drop of coding.

Our fully-integrated platform isn’t loaded up on expensive features you don’t need

With many customer support solutions, you have to make a choice between the simplicity and low cost your team needs now and the capability and features you’ll need as your business grows. Most platforms are either barebones and cheap or complicated and expensive.

At Kayako, we know that’s a false choice. You shouldn’t have to choose between supporting your customers the right way and using a solution that works for your team. We built our platform to serve both needs: to be simple and user-friendly for support agents and to have all the capability you need to provide effortless customer experiences.

When you’re just starting out, Kayako’s platform is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. As your needs change or grow, simply add on additional Kayako apps to keep pace with your customers’ needs and expectations.

Scalable customer support software

With any platform, your needs evolve as your business grows—that’s a given. The best solutions, including customer support software, have learned to account for those changing needs.

When your business is first starting out, your customer support team needs simplicity, the ability to react quickly to customer issues and to handle an entire business’ customer support needs with only 1 or 2 agents. As your team grows, it becomes vital to have a solution that makes it effortless to collaborate with other agents and get a clear picture of longer customer journeys and relationships.

That’s why we built Kayako as customer support software that scales with your business and grows with you as your needs evolve. You can use our powerful, well-documented API to fully customize Kayako, so your solution works with your business as you grow.

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Our multichannel platform enables better customer experiences

One of the biggest changes to customer support over the last decade is the shift to multichannel support. As customers and brands become ever more connected via channels like social media, customer expectations have grown. Customers expect quick, real-time support. They expect to be able to reach customer support teams via any channel they choose. And they expect every agent to be informed and up-to-date on their customer support journey.

Accenture found that as much as 89% of customers are frustrated when they need to repeat their problem to multiple support agents. Eighty-seven percent of consumers say brands should put more effort into creating consistent support experiences.

Anywhere and everywhere your customers engage with you has the potential to become an avenue for support conversations. Your team needs a solution that can help you provide support in all those places—from phone and email to social media and live chat.

Get the whole story about customers’ journeys

Customer support is faster, easier for support reps, and all-around better for customers when your team is empowered with context. When agents can see the customer’s entire journey and every step along the way, they can better understand customer problems. With the right context, they can ask the right questions and deliver better, holistic solutions.

That’s why, when designing Kayako, we made a point to build in all of that valuable context. Once you’ve integrated with other solutions like your CRM and payment processor, your agents are automatically empowered with all of that information without having to switch apps or windows. That saves time, simplifies your team’s job, and allows support agents to handle more customer issues, better.

Unify conversations to keep the conversation going

In today’s support world, customers aren’t always sitting behind a desktop computer for the whole conversation. Customers jump from your live chat tool to social media to email and back again—and they expect the conversation and resolution to be fluid and interactive as they move from one channel to the next.

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Remember that stat about how many consumers are frustrated by having to repeat their story to multiple support agents? By unifying all of your customer conversations in one place, Kayako eliminates that pain point. Your team can immediately see all of the support interactions a customer has had, what was talked about, what solutions were given. Then they can move the resolution forward without having to repeat the same questions and frustrate customers.

Collaborate in new, intuitive ways

Today’s businesses are hyper-specialized. While being an expert in one thing is great, it too often leads to a siloing effect. When that happens, valuable feedback and perspectives end up missing from your customer experience. After all, customer experience isn’t the job of just one department. It’s the responsibility and ultimate end goal of every team.

The best customer support software for your business enables you to collaborate—not just within your support team, but across the organization.

With unlimited and free collaborators, your team can work seamlessly to recognize, understand, and solve customer pain points. Everyone from sales reps and marketers to developers and product managers can work together effortlessly to build a better experience for your customers.

Make the switch to Kayako

Kayako is the customer support solution built for today’s customers and today’s small businesses and startups. For more information about how we stack up against your current customer support solution, compare Kayako to other popular solutions.

If you’re ready to eliminate customer support headaches and start providing effortless customer experiences, start your 14-day absolutely free trial of Kayako today.

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