Understand Your Customers Like Never Before with Unified Conversations


At Kayako, we know firsthand the daily pains and struggles that support teams deal with. Are customers reaching the right teams? Are teams providing the right support? Do they have the full context of the customer? Do customers even know how to reach you in the first place? On top of all this, what’s slipping through the cracks that you can’t even see?

As a customer service software team ourselves, we get it. And we wanted some answers to these tough questions. So we paired our own support experiences spanning 15 years with learnings from over a year of research and conversation with different people and perspectives. We listened, but worked diligently to ensure we didn’t stop there.

And from this process, we built Kayako’s unified customer cases.

Bring everything together and watch the dots connect

Kayako’s unified cases bring everything together to create one clear story, tailored to your unique customers.

With unified cases, you can understand your customer’s context with full visibility into their support history. This includes their CRM history, their purchase history, billing details, and any other information that comes in from your other favorite apps (pro tip: our integrations now take mere minutes to complete).


Armed with this information, you can begin treating your customer as an individual, and building their unique profile with all their information in one place. Within the same unified case view, you can keep your team in the loop for maximum transparency. Anyone in your company can help deliver the right support as a Collaborator—a user type that can add internal notes to cases, but can’t reply to the customer themselves. Collaborators are completely free, and help teams work better together.

On a customer’s case timeline, your team immediately understands what’s already been done, what they’ve searched for, and have a firmer grasp on what your customer is really trying to achieve. You’ll be providing better answers upon first reply. As conversation picks up, your team can filter and sort through replies, customer activities, notes, and events from other apps—all with just a few clicks—within the case.

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You’re well on your way to viewing your customer in an entirely new light.

The customer’s channel is always right

Kayako brings the context of your customer’s events into the conversation, so you can ask the right questions, avoid repetition, and have more valuable conversations. Support your customers across email, Messenger chat, Twitter, and Facebook, and every way in between. The new Kayako is built to help you hop back and forth seamlessly between these channels, staying in lock-step with your customer’s conversation.

Get closer to your customers by engaging them on the channels they prefer, even if that changes a few times along the way. Send the clearest reply with rich text editing and inline images built right into the new Kayako, and off you go!

This is what is means to deliver a truly effortless customer service experience.


Say goodbye to back-and-forth conversation. Let’s get proactive.

Do you know the quickest way to lose customers? When the customer is forced to expend unnecessary effort just to be understood. It is the antithesis of effortless customer service.

When you understand your customer’s context using unified cases, you open up a world of opportunity to leave painful back-and-forth in the dust. By collecting all the information needed to offer help, your team can see when a customer needs help, and proactively reach out before they do.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you need to alert individual team members any time a customer’s billing details are nearing expiration. You can create smooth experiences for customer and team alike with automated workflows based on custom fields and tags. Using custom macros to reach out before the issue arises improves team productivity and frees up your time to tackle loftier goals. Everyone wins—especially your customer whose billing details are now up-to-date!

Learn from and optimize your proactive approach to customer service with real insights from customer conversations. This is how unified cases help your team go beyond traditional expectations of “customer delight.”

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Unified cases are the future of customer service

We are all people, and we always have been. It’s time our support tools reflect that. The future of customer service is unified, multi-channel support built on the back of a real human experience. Kayako helps transform standard support teams into powerful customer advocates, ticket numbers into individuals, and siloed task resolutions into a bigger picture solutions.

Imagine what could happen, in a world filled with confusion, misinterpreted language, and quick judgment, if someone took the time to understand you, just a little bit more.

Ready to lead your company with effortless customer service? Go to kayako.com, create your free trial, and begin exploring the new Kayako. You can get to grips with Kayako in under 10 minutes—it’s simple to get started.

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