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See how Kayako helped MercadoLead improve their self-help knowledge base and increase customer satisfaction.

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MercadoLead, a lead generation platform, provides services to diverse verticals and customers across the globe. Unfortunately, they found themselves struggling to support all the varying customer needs. Trying to balance multiple channels, they failed to resolve customer concerns in a timely manner. They were also unable to provide a multilingual self-help portal that could serve the majority of their Brazilian customers.

With easy integration, omnichannel support and 44 supported languages, Kayako quickly transformed MercadoLead’s customer service. Thanks to Kayako, MercadoLead customers now get the support they need quickly and effortlessly.

With Kayako, MercadoLead was able to:

  • Improve their customer self-help portal
  • Streamline service with omnichannel support
  • Resolve tickets faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction

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