RUFing It Out with Customer Feedback: Knowing The “Why”

Use customer feedback to address the problems your customers actually have

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Apply Atlassian’s method and learn how you can reduce performance “mentions” by 75 percent.

Your net promoter score can help you understand how customers feel but it doesn’t provide specific insights.

Unstructured comments are often rich with detail, but with over 80,000 comments per month coming into Atlassian, its Voice of the Customer team couldn’t effectively categorize all of the feedback.

Introducing Atlassian’s RUF framework: Reliability, Usability, Functionality

RUF allows you to categorize, measure and prioritize issues that you uncover from sources of unstructured customer feedback.

Sean Cramer, Head of Voice of the Customer at Atlassian will show you:

How to find insights that impact your Product team, customer satisfaction and your company as a whole. He’ll also explain how you can take Atlassian’s key learnings and apply them to build a similar system for your organization.

About the Speakers

Sean Cramer

Sean Cramer has more than 15 years of experience in customer feedback and customer experience. He currently heads Atlassian’s Voice of the Customer team for this high growth company. Sean and his team are responsible for maintaining, communicating and implementing changes based on the company and product Net Promoter Score and insights   into the customer journey.

Gary McGrath

Gary started his career in customer services and support when he founded his own company in 2002. Since working with Kayako, Gary has helped improve customer satisfaction and retention with his dedication to customers and understanding of their challenges.


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