What Is the Perfect Amount of Transparency for Customer Support?

Finding the right level of what you can actually tell customers is tough.

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Deciding how much you should share with a customer is one of the hardest parts of support.

In this webinar, Kaegan Donnelly, Chief Happiness Officer at Baremetrics, and Gary McGrath, Customer Success Consultant at Kayako, discuss how you can be more transparent and honest with your customers.

About the Speakers

Kaegan Donnelly

Kaegan Donnelly is the bringer of happiness, maker of GIFs and resident Canadian at Baremetrics. He handles sales, user onboarding and customer support for a high-growth company. Kaegan specializes in helping companies stand out through excellent customer service.

Gary McGrath

Gary started his career in customer service and support when he founded his own company in 2002. Since working with Kayako, Gary has helped improve customer satisfaction and retention with his dedication to customers and understanding of their challenges.


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