How Great Customer Journeys Drive Success

Watch this 45-minute recording at your own convenience and discover the skills your team needs to provide better service and retain customers.

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In this recorded session, CEO and founder of CSM Practice Irit Eizips walks you through several years worth of learning on the value of each interaction during a customer’s journey with your business.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to drive customer success through the interactions you have with your customers
  • How context and insight are key for customer success
  • How to stay a step ahead of your customer

It’s time for you to crack the code to customer success.

About the Speakers

Irit Eizips

Irit Eizips is CEO at CSM Practice, a Customer Success Operations firm. Irit partners with industry leaders to accelerate the creation of customer success strategies, and derives extensive value from CS solutions for her clients.


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