What is a conversation?

Conversations are the center of your support team’s universe. They function as records of customer issues.

Once they’re filled out and submitted by the client, conversations are then assigned to a member of the support team. They’re given priority levels to help support staff respond according to urgency, and they’re typically assigned by expertise and workload.

In Kayako, conversations are labelled in the simplest way to help support teams deal with their customers.

  • Open conversation
  • Overdue conversation
  • Pending conversation
  • Reopen conversation
  • Resolved conversation
  • Unassigned conversation
  • What is an open conversation?

    An outstanding conversation that still needs to be resolved. Conversations are set to open from the minute the customer reports a problem, and they’re closed when a support agent is able to answer their question.

    What is an overdue conversation?

    A conversation is overdue when it hasn’t been resolved by the deadline set by the SLA. If a lot of your conversations are marked overdue, this could signal you don’t have enough people on your support team, your SLA is too aggressive, or your team isn’t motivated enough.

    What are pending conversations?

    Pending conversations are those that are on hold because customer service agents need more information or time to resolve them. The SLA may or may not be turned off while a conversation is marked as pending.

    What does reopen conversation mean?

    Customers reopen conversations when they reply to a closed conversation or change its status. Sometimes customers reopen conversations when they don’t feel like their problem was solved or when they have another unrelated question.

    Monitor how many conversations are reopened among your agents, because it could signal that your agents aren’t fully responding to customers’ issues.

    What does reassign conversation mean?

    When a conversation is reassigned from one agent to another it could be because an agent is overloaded or unavailable, or another agent has the required expertise to handle a conversation. Be aware that constant reassigning can bother customers and lead to inefficiency.

    What is a resolved conversation?

    Resolved conversations are those that have been solved and completed. Once it’s marked as “closed,” the conversation’s lifecycle ends.

    What is an unassigned conversation?

    A conversation that hasn’t been delegated to a customer service agent manually or automatically. When conversations aren’t assigned, they risk violating your SLA and making your customer unsatisfied with your service and company overall.

    To save time and ensure that conversations don’t linger unassigned, you can use macros, or automated replies. If a conversation is asking a question you have a macro for, send that instead of assigning it to an agent and waiting for him or her to respond.

    To further cut back on unassigned conversations, you can also use tags in your customer support platform. These help you quickly identify who should be assigned a conversation based on your agents’ specialties.

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