Customer Experience

What is customer experience?

Customer Experience, or CX, is the entire journey your customer takes with your product and company from start to finish. CX includes how you care for your customers, respond to their needs and assist them through every aspect of your company.

While there are key “touch points,” such as how someone finds your company (whether it’s online or through friends)
that can mean the difference between happy and unhappy customers, these can paint an incomplete picture. Focusing more holistically on CX and the cumulative experience a customer has with your brand, including customer service, may help you identify things that are holding your company back.

What is a customer service experience?

This term encompasses your customers’ interactions with your service team, self-help information, community forums and any other tools you use to provide support. The customer service experience includes how easy or difficult it was to get help, how the support conversation went and whether the customer’s problem was solved.

What is online customer experience?

Your brand’s online customer experience includes all the touchpoints your clients have with your web presence. Some things that influence this experience include:

  • Website design
  • How easy or difficult it is to navigate your website
  • Consistency of your branding across online platforms
  • Load speeds
  • How easy or difficult it is to find information
  • Brand aesthetic
  • What are best practices for customer experience?

    The best of the best procedures, protocols, and policies at a company. They’re the steps you take and repeat and refine until you’re able to get consistently excellent results.

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