What is customer engagement?

Another word for when you talk with your customers or when they talk amongst themselves in forums, on social media, etc. Engagement happens online and off, in person and not.

Basically, any time your customers are thinking about or talking about your company, they’re engaging. Looking at how and where this happens is important for understanding what customers want and how you can serve them better.

For support teams, it’s better to think of customer engagement a form of interactive customer service.

In Kayako, customer engagement and interactions are recorded as conversations which appear in your unified inbox.

What are customer interactions?

Customer interactions are recorded in cases to give a complete picture of the service people have received, including recorded calls, emails, chats and social media posts.

These interactions continue until a case is marked as resolved.

They can be a useful metric for looking at how long it takes to solve problems and identifying support desk members that are getting backlogged.

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