Experience Measurements

What are experience measurements?

Experience measurements are ways to measure CX, or customer experience. One of the most common measurements of customer experience is the Net Promoter Score, which is the percentage of clients who would recommend your company to friends and family.

Other measurements of customer experience include customer satisfaction scores (what percentage was happy with their service) and customer effort scores (how much effort did it take for your client to get the service they needed). Tracking such metrics isn’t enough though. Analyze measurements such as the NPS, CES and CSAT for friction and patterns.

If your customers are reporting that they’re not satisfied with your service and you’ve noticed that your wait times have gone up, there could be a correlation.

Experience measurements can be used not only to improve your service, but the entire customer experience as a whole. Past service is an important touchpoint that stays in a client’s mind when he or she thinks of your company.

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