Help Center Audit

What is a Help Center audit?

Reviewing the articles on your Help Center keeps your self-service content healthy and relevant. Otherwise, you could unknowingly be frustrating your customers with articles that are out of date and unproductive. Here’s what to review in an audit:

  • The size of your articles database. Is it time to archive?
  • Article hits and misses. If your Help Center gets thousands of hits per month, look to the articles with views in the single and low double digits first. Then trim.
  • Magnitude. This is a fancy word for importance (how often an article is used) or criticality (how much the issue affects the customer or brand if not addressed). If an article is important but not often used, still keep it.
  • Sunsetting. In with the new and out with the old articles about features that no longer exist or past updates.
  • Customer ratings. If you have articles that customers have rated poorly, it’s time to write new ones.

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