Service Level Agreement (SLA)

What is a Service Level Agreement?

Your Service Level Agreement (SLA)
outlines the amount of time your agents have to respond to and resolve a case, usually based on the priority level of the case.

Many companies let customers know how long it will take to respond to their query, and when they do, it’s a promise they make to customers. SLAs ensure that agents keep these promises.

What is a service promise?

Your service promise is the pact you make with customers about how they will be treated and how quickly you’ll respond to them.

The service promise includes your SLA and any other guarantees you outline for customers, such as core beliefs, mottos, and manifestos you include on your website and apps.

Fulfilling your service promise, again and again, creates loyal customers who trust your company.

What is an SLA breach?

An SLA breach (or violation)
happens when your agents don’t resolve their cases in time. You’ve essentially broken a promise to your customers that you’ll help them within a certain period.

Breaches should be taken seriously, but also used for reflection. Is there a root cause for the SLA breaches you’re seeing?

In addition, escalations are often used to make sure that cases that have breached their SLAs get the attention they need.

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