What is the role of a Supervisor?

This person on your customer support team redirects cases, steps in to solve problems, tackles tough cases, tracks agents’ workloads, monitors data, and analytics, and pulls reports. They lead the team to provide exceptional service every day.

What kind of goals can you set your support team?

As the roles of customer support agents differ, their goals should not all be the same. But these goals work together and contribute to a higher business function. For example, the aims of the business steer the goals of the Director of Support who uses those goals to create goals for customer support managers and so on.

customer support team goals hierachy table

The goals for a customer support manager or supervisor might be:

  • Increase agent satisfaction by 10% because you want to ensure agent happiness on your team.
  • Increase NPS score by 10% per quarter because you’re aim is for your team to be providing excellent customer service.
  • A Customer Support Manager’s or Supervisor’s goals should work towards ensuring the operational running of the customer support team is effective.

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