Voice of the Customer

What is voice of the customer?

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a type of feedback collected by actively reaching out to customers and enquiring about their experience with your product or service.

The calls or emails that are made to customers are often initiated by marketing teams to gather valuable product feedback that can help them improve their product and the customer’s journey.

What is a voice of the customer program?

Voice of the customer programs are a process of hypothesizing who your ideal customer looks like and collecting data (by interviewing potential customers) to prove or disapprove your hypothesis.

The program begins by mapping out your ideal customer, their biggest business problems, and the problem you want your product to solve.

Once this has been mapped out you’ll then begin to identify the different kinds of employees and businesses you should be talking to so you can collect insight to validate your hypothesis. For example, Kayako has a focus on paying customers, prospects (newly won or lost leads), and general market interviews (those who fit the bill but aren’t in any stage of the pipeline).

Once you have collected these results, we recommend sharing your insights company-wide. We use this voice of the customer template:

If you want to use our template, sample questions, and email templates. Download our voice of the customer toolkit .

Voice of the Customer Tools

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