What are customer service analytics?

The data and metrics collected on customer behavior that help businesses better understand their clients and shape company decisions.

When they’re collected and analyzed, analytics can also give companies insight into market segmentation and predict how customers will behave in the future. In other words, analytics inform companies on who is buying their products or using their services.

For Customer Support Managers looking at analyzing data in Kayako, you can do the following analysis of Conversations:

  • Conversations Per Teammate
  • Number of Conversations
  • Replies Per Conversation
  • Abandoned Conversation

What are conversations per teammate?

You may be monitoring how many cases each of your support staff members takes on in a given day, but dig a little deeper to calculate how many replies he or she has sent in a given day.

Not all cases are created equal. Some require replies and extensive back and forth to get resolved. Others require no response. Knowing the ideal number of conversations per day, per member of your staff will help you recruit and plan.

What are number of conversations?

This metric looks at the total number of times your customers interact with your support team across any channel.

For example, if you have an email thread with one customer, a chat with a second and a Twitter conversation with a third, that’s three conversations.

Tracking the total number of conversations helps you know whether your company has enough agents to cover demand per channel.

What are replies per conversation?

This metric shows how many replies a conversation includes – from either the customer or the agent – before it’s resolved. This metric, along with average resolution time, can show how effective your team is, and indicates how much effort your customers have to put in to get their issue resolved.

A high average number indicates the queries are probably not going to the right person straight away, and indicates a high-effort customer experience.

Customers usually don’t want to waste time going back and forth – they expect the agent to solve their issue quickly. A high number of replies could also mean the agents aren’t properly digging, or are giving incorrect responses that mean customers have to get in contact again.

What is an abandoned conversation?

The number of customers who drop a conversation in Messenger before being connected to an agent. Understanding when customers abandon support requests helps identify how long you’re forcing them to wait, and how this affects their experience.

If your call abandonment rate is high you can look at things such as:

  • Is the hold message setting good expectations?
  • Is the hold music annoying?
  • How long are people waiting on average before they hang up?

It’s worth noting here that disconnections can also occur due to technical or network problems. Follow our guide to boost your Messenger perfomance metrics .

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