Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)


What is customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction measures whether your products and service meet or exceed your buyers’ expectations. Many times, customers will leave reviews online or post on social media if they’re very satisfied or unhappy with your product.

Companies may also track customer satisfaction through email surveys, phone interviews and focus groups (sometimes in exchange for discounts or free products) to get an idea of how many customers are satisfied, what they need to be more satisfied and if they become more or less happy with a product over time.

What is a customer satisfaction score?

A customer satisfaction score indicates how satisfied your current customers are with your product or service.

This metric shows how happy your customers were with the whole process: from finding out how to contact you, the actual conversations and also any follow-up correspondence you might have sent. It also helps identify pain points in order to see which aspects of your support could be improved. You can get an indication of the quality of replies, too. You can use this information to identify what aspect of your support you can improve.

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