Unified Conversations

What are unified conversations?

Unified conversations bring all of your interactions with a customer together to show your agents a clear, complete story of their experience with your company.

With unified conversations, your conversations with your customers happen in the context of their overall relationship with your support team.

You have full visibility into their support history, including their individual and organizational details, their purchase history, their billing details, and any other information that comes in from your other apps. (Pro tip: You can set up Zapier integrations with your other favorite tools in mere minutes.)

Conversations in Kayako fall into three main categories which happen over real-time messaging.

  • Social media conversations
  • Email conversations
  • Messenger conversations

Social media conversations

What is a Facebook conversation?

More and more customers are airing their grievances and asking support questions on social media channels like Facebook. Because these platforms are public for all to see, companies need to pay attention and respond to concerns coming in through social media.

Integrating your Facebook account with your support platform automatically turns your social media queries into conversations that support team members then respond to like any other. When your agents respond to Facebook conversations, their responses will appear on your Facebook page up like any other comment.

What is a Twitter conversation?

When a customer posts a tweet directed at your company’s Twitter account, your support team should be empowered to respond in kind.

Support platforms like Kayako will take incoming tweets and automatically convert them into cases, which your agents can respond to like any other. When they reply, the response will show up as a tweet back to the customer.

If the request is complicated, agents will sometimes ask the customer to switch to a direct message.

It’s important to monitor and respond to Twitter activity. It tells your customers that you’re listening, and happy to talk with them, over whatever channel they prefer.

What is an email conversation?

A discussion with a customer that is initiated with an email to your company. Having multiple support channels, including email, can lead to having to keep track of and manage multiple tools.

But customer support service platforms like Kayako put a client’s entire conversation history in one place. Whether your customer reached out by email or another channel, you’ll see all back and forth in one place.

If you’re still using an email client like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook. It might be time to look for an email alternative to handle your email conversations.

What are Messenger conversations?

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